The Real Threat of Invasion from China Is a Strong Reason for Taiwan to Double Its National Defense Capability


The Real Threat of Invasion from China Is a Strong Reason for Taiwan to Double Its National Defense Capability
China sparks Taiwan invasion panic: Wartime survival book issued for 'public to prepare' (Image: Getty)

International Military - Tensions between Taiwan and China have escalated after Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine. The reason, raised concerns that China might be able to do the same thing to Taiwan. Moreover, in recent years, China has aggressively increased its military capabilities.

The production of weapons to new technological breakthroughs launched by China to improve its defense. Of course, this raises its own anxiety for Taiwan, which has been involved in a dispute with China in the last few decades. Especially if you remember a few years ago, China has been trying to launch an attack on Taiwan. Fortunately, the attack was thwarted thanks to the help of the United States (US).

Reporting from the Eurasian Times, in 1995, the Chinese government vowed to attack Taiwan. By then, thousands of Chinese troops had gathered in Fujian, the province just above the Taiwan Strait. Then the US President at that time, Bill Clinton flooded the strait with American warships and the provocation was successfully thwarted.

Taiwan is also trying to double its strength to prepare for a Chinese threat that could come at any time. Thorough preparations have been made by Taiwan in an effort to protect its country's sovereignty from foreign threats, including China.

Taiwan has also spent billions of dollars acquiring weapons from the US and strengthening its foreign alliances and collaborations. The Ministry of Defense has also announced that young Taiwanese men are again required to serve in the military for one year.

There is also an active training program being held in Taiwan for ordinary citizens to provide skills training ranging from first aid to shooting.

Reporting from, there is a membership group of men and women of all ages and occupations who gather at night to practice. They learn first aid, self-defense and military fitness, some are practicing firearms with air rifles. A Eurasian Times source said that in November last year, Taiwan inducted 64 F-16 Viper fighter jets purchased from the US.

In addition, Taiwannews also reported that Deputy Defense Secretary Alex Po announced on April 11 that Taiwan was considering buying a US Navy littoral battleship that will soon be retiring.

Although Taiwan is currently working to build submarines independently, its Ministry of National Defense will evaluate whether US ships will help the country's defense.

On the other hand, Lee Shi-chiang, head of the defense ministry's wartime regulation bureau stressed that the littoral battleships were decommissioned because even the US could no longer afford to pay for their maintenance. However, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense continues to evaluate the vessel and has not definitively announced whether it plans to buy or not.

Last month, Taiwan's defense ministry also announced that it plans to more than double its annual missile production capacity. By cooperating with the US, Taiwan is also directed to buy advanced American air defense systems.

Last week, the Pentagon also said it had received approval from the State Department for a possible $95 million contract with Taiwan. In a biannual military strategy report released in 2021, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense stated that it intends to use the natural barrier of the Taiwan Strait as a force multiplier.

The military will increase the range of weapons to place Chinese airfields, ports and assembly areas directly opposite them. Not only that, Taiwan has also conducted military exercises in mission mode to measure its own strength and train military operations.

While there is no evidence to suggest that China will launch an invasion of Taiwan in the near future, Taiwan remains wary of the dire possibilities. To that end, Taiwan is investing heavily in strengthening its military capabilities and training its human resources.

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