The Advantages of the Russian Tu-22M3 are Leaked By The International Media, What Are Its Greatness?

The Advantages of the Russian Tu-22M3 are Leaked By The International Media, What Are Its Greatness?
Tu-22M3 aircraft

International Military - The Tu-22M3 is indeed Russia's flagship heavyweight bomber. From the label of a heavy bomber, the Tu-22M3 has a surprising reputation. Moreover, the shocking reputation of the Tu-22M3 bomber was released by the international media.

"The Tu-22M3 was used on several occasions during Russia's military intervention into the Syrian Civil War, flying dozens of strike missions against rebel and militant targets," wrote From this explanation, the Tu-22M3 aircraft had a role during the Syrian conflict.

Then for the mission carried out the Tu-22M3 aircraft targeted and targeted rebel targets. In addition, there is also an explanation if the Tu-22M3 aircraft has special features.

Reporting from, the Tu-22M3 aircraft was introduced with enhanced features. And in the history of the Tu-22M3 aircraft itself completed its first flight in June 1977. Finally the Tu-22M3 aircraft began to enter the Russian Air Force service in 1983.

You need to know if the Russian Ministry of Defense intends to add up to 30 aircraft from about 60 Tu-22M3. In addition, the Tu-22M3 incorporates a variable wing length design. From these variable wings, the Tu-22M3 has a geometric outer wing panel that is its trademark.

As for the dimensions of the Tu-22M3 aircraft, it has a length of 42.4 m and a wingspan of only 34.2 m. In addition, the height of the Tu-22M3 is only about 11.05 m. As a result of the wide dimensions of the Tu-22M3 aircraft, it has a maximum empty weight of about 53.5 tons.

As for the take-off weight of the Tu-22M3 aircraft, it is only 126.4 tons. It should also be noted that the Tu-22M3 aircraft is powered by two Kuznetsov NK-25 turbofan engines. And the engine is mounted on the Tu-22M3 fuselage and produces a large air intake and dual exhaust.

It is known from the engine that the Tu-22M3 aircraft can produce a maximum thrust of 25,000 kg. And to produce better fuel economy, it is the mainstay of the Tu-22M3 aircraft. Then on the Tu-22M3 aircraft it has a cruising speed of 900 km/hour.

Meanwhile, the maximum speed of the Tu-22M3 aircraft is around 2,300 km/hour. With this capability, the Tu-22M3 aircraft can fly at a maximum altitude of 14 km. Moreover, the operational range of the Tu-22M3 aircraft is 7,000 km.

And the feature that makes the Tu-22M3 aircraft able to fly long distances is the refueling probe feature. With these features, the Tu-22M3 aircraft can allow refueling in long flights.

In addition, the Tu-22M3 aircraft in its pilot feature has 4 ejection seats. With the ejection seat, the Tu-22M3 aircraft also has a capacity of up to 24 tons. It is known that the 24 tonne capacity on the Tu-22M3 aircraft has the capacity to carry heavy ground attack bombs.

It is also informed that the Tu-22M3 aircraft can also carry nuclear warheads. With these weapons, it is only natural that the Tu-22M3 aircraft has a high prestige.

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