Russia's 'Hand Of Death', Able To Flatten the US in Just 30 Minutes?


Russia's 'Hand Of Death', Able To Flatten the US in Just 30 Minutes?
Russia's "hand of death" apocalypse weapon capable of leveling the US in 30 minutes /National Interest

International Military - Many great technologies were developed during the Cold War. Like GPS, the Internet and microchips, they were all developed as a race in arms. And one of them was the Soviet Union's "weapon of doom," a feature to launch nuclear missiles without the need to press a button.

Russia currently has around 1,600 tactical nuclear weapons, with another 2,400 strategic nuclear weapons linked to intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). This makes Russia a country with the largest nuclear power in the world. All of these weapons are tied to the hands of death, automatic nuclear weapons control systems.

The system is capable of launching a number of nuclear missiles without the need to press a button, even if the entire Russian armed forces are annihilated.

The creation of this system was part of the Cold War doctrine of ensuring mutual destruction. That is, being able to counterattack to annihilate the opposing party even though the country is being torn apart.

In theory, command and control systems measure communications at military frequencies, radiation levels, barometric pressure, heat, and short-term seismic disturbances.

If the measurements point to a nuclear strike, the system starts a sequence that will end with firing all the ICBMs in the arsenal. The hand of death will launch a command rocket, with a radio warhead that sends launch commands to the Russian nuclear silo, even in the presence of radio interference.

Then, the rocket will fly across the entire country, quoted from Military. Russia has never confirmed the existence of this system, but General Sergey Karakaev's Russian Strategic Missile Forces confirmed it that the US could be destroyed within 30 minutes.

Responding to US cunning

This incident occurred when the Trump Administration announced that the US would withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Donald Trump alleged that Russia had violated the treaty by developing and deploying a new, banned cruise missile.

This made Russia angry and thought the US would do the same during the Cold War, namely deploy nuclear missiles in Europe. Due to its geographical location, Russia needs ICBMs launched from their territory or from submarines, citing the National Interest.

"However, short-range US missiles based in Germany or Poland can reach core areas of Russia," the National Interest said. The basic reason for this hand of death is the fear of a US attack that could damage the wheels of the Russian Government before they give the order to retaliate.

Nuclear war in Ukraine

In February, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that the culmination of the conflict in Ukraine could be a "nuclear and destructive" Third World War. Russian President Vladimir Putin also ordered nuclear deterrence forces to be on high alert as tensions in eastern Europe continue to escalate.

“Whenever Russia gets involved in a war related to NATO/US interests, people are always worried about nuclear war.

Putin has a different view on nukes, he doesn't view them as taboo but as giant artillery used against the enemy," said Brandon Weichert, a geopolitical analyst.

Citing the Express, most of Russia's arsenal of nuclear warheads is located in the western part of the country. There is a test center at Yapustin Yar just off the west coast, and the intercontinental missile (ICBM) Dambarovksiy base, one of the closest to Ukraine.

There are several more bases, including Darazhnya and Pervomaysk scattered further up the coast. Russia has nearly 20 known missile bases.

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