Russian Provocation, US Plans To Send Soviet-Made Tanks To Ukraine


Russian Provocation, US Plans To Send Soviet-Made Tanks To Ukraine
America to send tanks to Ukraine /NY Times

International Military - The United States and its allies are reportedly trying to send Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine. This was done to maintain and strengthen the defense for the military in Ukraine in the East Donbas region.

Quoted from the NY Times page, in addition to strengthening Ukraine's defenses, this was also in response to a request for help from Zelensky. Regarding the tank assistance, the United States government explained that it would immediately send it to Ukraine. However, for the number and origin of tanks, until now, the United States government refuses to talk about it to the public.

Some time ago, Zelensky had called on NATO allies to provide tanks and planes. This is done in order to maintain and improve the security of the land and air areas in Ukraine.

But regarding this, Zelensky felt there was a delay in sending weapons to Ukraine, so he specifically asked for the delivery of tanks. This request came after US President Joe Biden met with senior Ukrainian officials in Poland.

It was even previously known that Zelensky had criticized the West regarding the delay in aid. "If only those who had thought for 31 days about how to give up the dozens of jets and tanks that required 1 percent of their courage," he said.

Previously, Biden had tried to say that his assistance to Ukraine was defensive. Where this will focus more on weapons that are smaller and easier to carry. But over the course of the war, the definition of the defensive began to change to become elastic.

It should be noted that with the arrival of this tank, it could be a new signal in this war between Russia and Ukraine. Previously, the war was dominated by Russia, both land and air, until they finally stopped on the ground. Finally, the Russian government identified that from now on it would refocus its efforts.

Regarding tanks, indeed at this time Ukraine has captured at least 161 units belonging to Russia while on the battlefield. So this made Ukraine also get more tanks during the war.

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