Financial Constraints, Ukrainian President Demands Europe to Send 7 Billion Dollars Every Month


Financial Constraints, Ukrainian President Demands Europe to Send 7 Billion Dollars Every Month
President Zelensky met with European Commission (EC) head Ursula von der Leyen to discuss Ukraine's needs during the war /Top War

International Military - It seems that Ukraine's needs are getting bigger every day. President Zelensky is very pleased with the "attention" of the West and is now demanding financial assistance from the European Union. Quoted from Bloomberg, the President of Ukraine is in a difficult position and does not want to waste time on trivial things.

President Volodymyr Zelensky told European Commission (EC) head Ursula von der Leyen that Kiev needed seven billion dollars in financial aid, Bloomberg quoted. And not in the form of a one-time transfer, but sent every month. According to Zelensky, this amount is needed for social and hospital needs.

In other words, Europe must transfer seven billion dollars to Ukraine every month, because there is no other option to support the social sphere. Will European Union countries heed Zelensky's request?

So far the European Union is ready to allocate its money only for war needs. Previously, they had transferred an additional 500 million Euros for weapons. Thus, the total military aid that Ukraine has received so far is 1.5 billion euros or more than 1.6 billion dollars.

It is worth knowing that an acute financial and economic crisis is developing in Ukraine, they do not have their own funds. And apparently, the allocation of funds from the West will not be enough, because money continues to flow out non-stop due to war.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in March expenditures exceeded revenues by 2.7 billion dollars. Meanwhile, in April-May the gap will widen to 5-7 billion dollars per month, according to the Jakarta Zone from Top War.

Because of this, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, Serhiy Marchenko, asked the president to ask the West for tens of billions of dollars in financial aid. In addition, the largest “sponsor” for Ukraine is the United States, which has allocated $3 billion and approved $13.6 billion in aid.

Apparently, the United States will do anything as long as it is in line with its interests. Russia is one of the mortal enemies of the US besides China. But unfortunately, nothing really helps Ukraine in this, EU countries most likely will not transfer their money other than for war purposes.

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