Warm up! Japan's Response to Russian Military Exercises in Disputed Territories

Warm up! Japan's Response to Russian Military Exercises in Disputed Territories

International Military - The Japanese government has lodged a protest against Russia's recent large-scale drills. Russia is known to have conducted military exercises on the island which is a dispute between the two countries.

Quoted from the Nippon page, the protest against the military exercises carried out by Russia in the Kuril Islands was conveyed by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu. He said that the Japanese side could not accept this measure. "Russia's military expansion in the Northern Territories is unacceptable because it goes against our country's position on the islands," he said on March 28, 2022.

It is known that four islands were captured from Japan by Soviet troops on the last day of the second world war. Until finally, the area is often referred to as the northern region in Japan.

Earlier on March 21, 2022, the Russian government had said that it would not continue negotiations with Japan. Quoted from the Eurasian Times page, this has also been conveyed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"It is impossible to discuss the signing of a fundamental agreement in bilateral relations with a country that takes a blatantly hostile attitude," he said. He also added that the possibility of continuing the discussion was stopped because the Japanese state was trying to harm Russia.

It was previously known that Japan claimed that the island had entered its territory in the North. In this case, they ended up carrying out large-scale military exercises in the disputed archipelago.

In fact, it is also reported that as many as 3,500 troops are already in the area to carry out exercises. Not only that, in military exercises conducted by Russia, Su-35 fighter aircraft to Mi-8 helicopters are also involved. In addition, the exercise also brought with it the T-72B3 tank, the Orlan-10 multipurpose UAV, and the Bastion-P coastal defense system. 

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