Volodymyr Zelenskyy Asks Congress: Send More Planes


Volodymyr Zelenskyy Asks Congress: Send More Planes
Kiev (Ukraine), 23/02/2022.- Ukrainian President Volodymyr speaks during a joint press conference with President of Poland Andrzej Duda and President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda at the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev

International-Military - Fighting for his country's survival, Ukraine's leader made a" hopeless" call on Saturday to American lawgivers for the United States to help land further warplanes for its service and cut Russian canvas significances as Kyiv tries to help a Russian irruption. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy opened a private videotape call with US lawgivers by telling them this might be the last time they see him alive. He remained in Kyiv, the capital, which had a vast Russian armored line hanging from the north. 

Appearing in what's now his trademark army green shirt in front of a white wall with a Ukrainian flag, he told them that Ukraine demanded to secure its skies, either through a no- cover zone assessed by NATO or through the provision of further warplanes. Ukraine could more defend itself. Zelenskyy had contended for a no- cover zone for days, but Nato refused, saying it could spark a wide war withRussia.The hourlong exchange with some 300 members of Congress and their staffs came as Russian colors continued to shell encircled metropolises and the number of Ukrainians who have fled the country grew to1.4 million. 

“ President Zelenskyy made a hopeless plea,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He said Zelenskyy wants theU.S. to grease the transfer of aeroplanes from Eastern European abettors. “ I'll do all I can to help the administration to grease their transfer,"Schumer said. 

TheU.S. is considering transferring American- made F-16s as backfill to former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe that are now members of NATO. They, in turn, would shoot Ukraine their own Soviet- period MiGs, which Ukrainian aviators are trained to fly. 

There appears to be a logistical problem, still, in transferring the F-16s to Poland or other East European abettors because of a product backlog. These countries would basically have to give their MiGs to the Ukrainians and accept an IOU from theU.S. for the F-16s. The situation is further complicated because the coming payload of F-16s is set for Taiwan, and Congress would be reticent to delay those deliveries as it eyes China. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated the fighter spurts are under consideration after meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dymtro Kuleba at the Poland-Ukraine border outside the city of Korczowa. 

“ We're talking about and working on everything,"Blinken told journalists. Blinken reiterated that theU.S. support for Ukraine “ not only has been unknown, not only is it going to continue, it’s going to increase.” 

TheU.S. Congress is working on a$ 10 billion package of military and philanthropic aid to Ukraine. Schumer told Zelenskyy lawgivers hope to shoot it snappily to Ukraine, according to a person on the call and granted obscurity to bandy it. 

When Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell asked about the types of military support his country needs, Zelenskyy said drones as well as aeroplanes would be the most helpful. 

During the call, PopularSen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia asked Zelenskyy about the idea of banning the import of Russian canvas to theU.S., according to two other people granted obscurity to bandy the private call. They said Zelenskyy indicated such a ban would be effective in putting pressure on Russia. 

Republicans and a growing number of Egalitarians, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, back the idea of an Russian canvas import ban. The Biden administration has so far defied that step, upset about rising prices at the pump. 

Zelenskyy promptedU.S. lawgivers to permission Russia’s canvas and gas sector, which has so far escaped the mounting warrants assessed by the Biden administration and other countries. 

The Ukrainian leader also prompted lawgivers to suspend Visa and Mastercard credit card access in Russia — and the two blazoned latterly Saturday that they were doing just that. Mastercard said cards issued by Russian banks will no longer be supported by its network and any card issued outside the country won't work at Russian stores or ATMs. Visa said it’s working with guests and mates in Russia to cease all Visa deals over the coming days. 

In a videotape posted to Twitter after the call,Sen. Lindsey Graham,R-S.C., said “ Anything that could hurt the Russian frugality will help the Ukrainian people and may make this war more delicate for Putin."

Zelenskyy's office said he also suggested theU.S. consider assessing an proscription on all Russian goods and stripping Russia of its most- favored- nation trade status. Lawgivers are concerned that Zelenskyy will be killed in the Russian irruption. They're also bothered that a Ukrainian government under assault will be unfit to serve and to admit aid. 

When one legislator asked diplomatically what would be if he was killed, Zelenskyy conceded the enterprises but supplicated Congress to do whatever it can to help Ukraine fight off Russia’s assault on his country. 

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said in a statement that Zelenskyy’s “ communication is simple‘ close the skies or give us aeroplanes.’"

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