USMC to Immediately Place 20 F 35B Fighter Jets on USS Tripoli

F-35Bs aboard USS America.
International Military - The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is known to have F 35B fighter jets. From the presence of the F 35B, the USMC unit has VTOL-capable fighter jets in taking off and landing. This proves that the F 35B fighter jet has the advantage of operating on aircraft carriers or narrow runway platforms.

Moreover, there is information about the F 35B fighter jet which will later be deployed to the USS Tripoli. USS Tripoli, also known as America class, is an Amphibious Assault Ship.

The USMC's reason for testing 20 F 35B fighter jets on the USS Tripoli was for "The idea of ​​turning a large deck "Gator Navy" amphibious assault ship into a light aircraft carrier packed with F 35Bs first emerged five years ago, but has its roots in AV operations. -8 Harriers for decades,” quoted from

From this explanation, it is clear that the USMC wants to change the concept of an amphibious assault ship to a light aircraft carrier with the F 35B. Also added to the information is that the AV 8 Harrier, which previously served in the USMC, has retired and was replaced by an F 35B fighter jet.

Later the concept trial of 20 F 35B fighter jets on the USS Tripoli will be held in April 2022. With this, the Amphibious Assault Ship America class USS Tripoli may change its name to a light aircraft carrier. Therefore, we are waiting for further information regarding the development of the trial deployment of the F 35B fighter jet on the USS Tripoli.

In addition, America class itself is an amphibious assault ship that is devoted to certain operations. quoting from if America class is devoted to support raids on coastal areas.

The role of the attack carried out by America class itself was in the form of a storage area for transportation defense equipment. The transportation defense equipment in the America class is in the form of medium and heavy transport helicopters and attack helicopters.

Not to mention that the current America class is also equipped with several supporting advanced defense equipment. Starting from heavy transport helicopters, attack classes can be loaded in America class. What's more, the latter will be able to load the America class 5th generation stealth fighter jet F 35B. With this, later America class can be used for several things.

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