US Military Official: Stinger and Javelin Missile Systems Production Could Be Boost


US Military Official: Stinger and Javelin Missile Systems Production Could Be Boost
Ukrainian soldier fires a Javelin Missile

International Military - The critically projected Stinger and Javelin missile systems can be upgraded. This, announced by the US Army's chief of acquisitions and logistics, will allow the United States to reload its arsenal.

According to Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Doug Bush on the March 25 Defense News event, this is the right opportunity for the Army.

Moreover, the two missiles have also been sent to Ukraine to help the country. "I think, really, those are two opportunities for the Army to move forward quickly, as Congress wants us to replenish those supplies," he said.

"I think we can do it," he said. In this case, actually increasing the production of weapons, however, must involve a lot of considerations.

This includes long-term procurement, additional equipment, field requirements, and supply chain issues. “Congress provided a significant amount of money in the omnibus to help us replenish our stock, which we really appreciate,” he said. "And we're almost ready to tell Congress about our first steps in that direction."

Passed by Congress earlier this month, the government's $1.5 trillion fiscal year 2022 funding package includes $728 billion for national security. The law also sets aside $13.6 billion for aid to Ukraine, $3 billion of which is dedicated to supplying new weapons, such as the Javelin.

As is known, the US and its allies reportedly flooded Ukraine with various weapons. This was done as part of a wider effort to arm and support Ukraine.

Launching Task and Purpose, the US is known to have pushed for more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons. “In less than a week, the United States and NATO have pushed more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons, including Javelin missiles, across the Polish and Romanian borders, unloading them from giant military cargo planes so they can travel overland to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and cities and towns. another major city,” the New York Times reported on Sunday.

On February 25, President Joe Biden authorized an additional $350 million in military aid to Ukraine, including Javelins and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, according to Defense News.

US officials have been tight-lipped about the number and types of weapons Ukraine has acquired. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense will not confirm that more than 17,000 anti-tank guns have been delivered to Ukraine.

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