Secretly Cooperating, How Can China Help Russia Invading Ukraine?

Secretly Cooperating, How Can China Help Russia Invading Ukraine?
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) reviews a military honor guard with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China on June 8, 2018

International Military - When Russia's military aggression began a few weeks ago, the Joe Biden Administration suspected that China had a hand in helping Moscow. This is assumed because the two countries have long established relations, both diplomatic and military relations.

As we know that Russia and China often cooperate in the development of defense equipment and the like, even China's fifth-generation fighter jet engine, the J-20, initially uses Moscow products. During the war between Russia and Ukraine, what could China offer to help Russia, the following explanation is quoted from 19fortyfive

Food for Russian soldiers

China can provide a small package of food to supply Russian troops with food. According to recent reports, one of Russia's most critical needs involves food rations on the battlefield.

Please note, March is not a friendly condition in the northern hemisphere because it is undergoing winter. The cold, the mental and physical conditions eroded, there are only two that can defeat a soldier in that state, namely bullets or fatigue.

So, the first and the biggest thing Moscow asks China is food distribution. And this is most likely to be granted by China, given that they have significant stocks.


China and Russia have used compatible combat equipment. Although, after 1961, China's defense industry began to move on their own feet. Although their military relationship was close again in the 1990s, the distance that occurred left a mark.

In the past Russia might have been able to rely on some Chinese equipment for its military, but now that is difficult to do. However, Russia is currently in a difficult position. Their attack on Ukraine was judged not to have gone smoothly.

With the conflict continuing and draining Russia's manpower and supplies, Beijing was able to supply even some of Moscow's needs. Such as light and large ammunition, infantry and possibly anti-tank ammunition. China can also supply basic supplies, such as communications equipment and other goods.

Ground Combat Vehicle

Russia's losses to their ground vehicles in this conflict are very high. This is because of the condition of their fleet plus attacks from NATO anti-tank shells. Though, the thought of Russia running out of combat supplies is ridiculous, given the bountiful stockpile of the Soviet Union.

But due to age, and Russia's stability has continued to decline including financially since the Soviet disbandment, it puts them in a difficult position. In the end, Russia had to use Chinese products. Beijing exports a number of mechanized vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles and tanks.

Although integrating these vehicles will take some time, even longer than repairing some of the vehicles in the Russian warehouse. But, if the war is to last long, it makes sense for Russia to rely on the capabilities of its Chinese-made tanks.

Air Combat Vehicle

Although Russia is not at a fantastic loss in this regard, China can help them if needed. Like the pride of China's fighter jet, the J-20 or maybe a proven system like the J-10 or J-11.

Drones can also be an option, although these Chinese-made aircraft are known to have problems with handling, but with a relatively cheap price, these drones can increase the ability of Russian troops in combat.

Marine Combat Vehicle

As with the air fleet, Russia for now is not experiencing significant obstacles. Moscow has already filled the Black Sea with a large number of their battleships. But China can help if conditions get acrimonious. They could dispatch a variety of small and medium sized surface warships, and possibly large ships such as amphibious assault ships or even aircraft carriers.

Is China really going to help Russia?

Returning to the discussion above, on several fronts, Russia seems to be able to control the fighting situation. Russia's main enemy is actually time, if they linger in the war this will have a significant impact, not only on combat supplies but also on the mentality of the troops.

Therefore, asking China for help can be considered, considering that Russia's access has been cut off from the western camp there. But the problem is, Russia and China are the main competitors in the arms market in Asia and beyond. Over the years they have overtaken each other to become "kings" in the eyes of the international community.

Even though in terms of quality, Russia still wins here. However, if Russia finally shows the world that it cannot supply its own weapons, then ask China for help. This has indirectly allowed China to win almost completely in the global export market.

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