Russian Ambassador Confirms Delivery of S-400 Missiles to India Will Continue Smoothly


Russian Ambassador Confirms Delivery of S-400 Missiles to India Will Continue Smoothly
S-400 Missiles

International Military - Today, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. Although many countries in the world have tried to impose sanctions against Russia, the country is not afraid.

Since February 24, military installations in Ukraine have weakened. In fact, Ukraine received some assistance from the West or the US in terms of weapons. Referring to this, in fact the cooperation of the Russian defense industry will not be disturbed. More precisely, Russian-Indian defense industrial cooperation will not be affected by the current situation in Ukraine.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, Russia's ambassador to India Denis Alipov previously said this. "The updated program of industrial defense cooperation is designed for 10 years, until 2031.

There are many areas and joint projects," he said in an interview with broadcaster Rossiya 24. "I don't even think, I can even say that I am sure that the current situation will not affect or affect our defense industry cooperation, because many Russian companies are operating in the military-industrial complex in the field of cooperation with India has long been under unilateral sanctions by the United States earlier than others. And the expansion of boundaries caused by the situation in Ukraine does not fundamentally change anything," he added.

In addition, India is currently ordering S-400 missiles from Russia. The delivery of the Russian S-400 air defense system to India will also proceed as planned, the sanctions will not affect the fulfillment of the contract, Alipov said.

"As for the deliveries of the S-400 systems in particular, they are proceeding as planned, and the restrictions now imposed on us will not affect the delivery and completion of this contract," he said.

Russia's readiness to offer India the latest S-500 anti-aircraft missile system remains in place, Alipov said. "I don't know about the reaction from the Indian side on this matter.

But [Russian Deputy Prime Minister] Yuri Borisov said, and I can confirm that if India shows interest in acquiring the S-500 system, then such a wish will be most carefully studied and considered from our side. But, as far as I know, at this stage there are no special talks," said the Ambassador.

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