Boeing 737-800 Plane Crashes In China's Mountains, 132 Passengers Missing


Boeing 737-800 Plane Crashes In China's Mountains, 132 Passengers Missing
The plane (file photo of it is pictured) stopped transmitting data just southwest of the Chinese city of Wuzhou, according to data from Flight Radar. Chicago-based Boeing Co. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

International Military - A sad news for the world of aviation, where a plane had an accident. It is currently being reported that the Boeing 737-800 plane crashed in a remote mountainous region in Southern China. It is known that the Boeing 737-800 crashed in the mountains of China on Monday, March 21, 2022.

The Chinese government explained that the ill-fated accident had caused a fire on the mountain.

It is also known that the Boeing 737-800 was carrying 132 passengers until it was reported to have crashed. Which is reported in this case consists of 123 passengers with 9 crew members Boeing 737-800.

Until now, the cause of the Boeing 737-800 crash is still under investigation by the relevant parties. For the condition of the passengers on Boeing aircraft, until now there has been no report regarding their safety.

This was caused by the bad weather that occurred in the mountainous region of China, making it difficult for the evacuation team.

To carry out the evacuation process, quoted from the NY Times page, the government has deployed thousands of firefighters, police and military forces. Until now, there are videos showing the rescue actions that have been assigned to the area.

Even dozens of ambulances have also been at the location in anticipation of the hope that there will be survivors in this fateful incident. Not only that, local volunteers have also been seen preparing various aids, such as food, water, tents, and so on.

According to information obtained from the public, the Boeing aircraft has been destroyed and only debris remains. This makes them lose hope in finding survivors of this unexpected incident.

However, for the victim, it was known in a broadcast from Chinese state TV which stated that there were no foreigners on the plane.

From the tracking data, it was explained that the flight had traveled at a normal altitude of 30,000 feet. Until finally after the plane rose briefly within 1,000 feet, the data suddenly stopped and within 40 seconds later the plane crashed suddenly.

It is also currently being reported that China Eastern will cease all operations of their Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Which will be done until the completion of the investigation.

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