24 RSAF Aircraft Show Off At The Prestigious Cope Tiger Event, Here's The List

24 RSAF Aircraft Show Off At The Prestigious Cope Tiger Event, Here's The List
List of RSAF aircraft deployed at Cope Tiger /militaryleak.com

International Military - The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has indeed deployed large-scale aircraft in the Cope Tiger event. With the massive deployment of aircraft in Cope Tiger it is clear that the RSAF is serious about this international exercise.

Quoted from nationthailand, RSAF, RTAF, and USAF participated in Cope Tiger 2022 which took place in Thailand. As a result of this Cope Tiger, the RSAF has participated in multilateral aerial exercises.

In addition, in the Cope Tiger exercise itself, it was discovered that the RTAF deployed the JAS 39 Gripen. Not only the JAS 39 Gripen, but the legendary F-16 fighter jet was also deployed at the Cope Tiger event.

And what amazed me the most was the large number of RSAF aircraft defense equipment deployments. Quoting from militaryleak, the RSAF itself deployed a total of 24 different aircraft. Starting from fighter jets, tanker aircraft, AEW, and other types of transport, the RSAF was deployed at the Cope Tiger event.

For more details, here is the release of 24 RSAF aircraft that were deployed in the Cope Tiger multilateral aerial exercise. For the type of air fighter defense system (fighter), the RSAF deploys 3 different types of fighter jets.

It is known that 7 units of the RSAF F-15SG, 6 units of F-16CD, and 6 units of F-16D plus tandem seats were deployed in Cope Tiger. In total, the RSAF deployed 19 units of advanced fighter jets from several variants. As for the RSAF's AEW aircraft, it deployed 1 unit of G550 and there was also 1 unit of A330 MRTT.

As a result of the aircraft, the RSAF fielded 1 unit of C-130 transport aircraft for other logistical support. As for the rest, the RSAF is known to have deployed 2 units of Heron UAVs for its reconnaissance aerial view. With this line of defense equipment, the RSAF is known to have mobilized important assets in the Cope Tiger event.

From a total of 24 military aircraft and 5 assets, 550 RSAF personnel were also deployed. From this deployment, it is clear that the RSAF is really showing its fangs. This is the first edition of the exercise involving the RSAF A330 MRTT. The RSAF A330 MRTT is known to provide air-to-air refueling for fighter aircraft in training.

And it is known that the Cope Tiger exercise ended on March 25, making it the greatest multilateral aerial exercise. Because it has deployed several great defense equipment from the three countries and quite a lot of personnel.

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