US Senator: Joe Biden Could Seek More Than $10 Billion To Respond To Russia-Ukraine Invasion


US Senator: Joe Biden Could Seek More Than $10 Billion To Respond To Russia-Ukraine Invasion

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration is anticipated to ask Congress for a spending package that could significantly exceed$ 10 billion for theU.S. response to Russia's irruption of Ukraine, a top Popular assemblyman said Friday. 

The estimates of Senator Chris Coons, president of the Senate Appropriations council that controls foreign aid and State Department spending, give an early picture of the costs American taxpayers could dodge as a result of Russia's attack on its western neighbour. 

Coons, D-Del., told journalists he anticipated requests to cover the costs of helping millions of Ukrainian deportees who could flee to Poland and near NATO countries, supporting those countries' fortified forces and training and supplying the Ukrainian resistance. 

He said the plutocrat would also cover the costs of monitoring and administering US warrants against Russia and for a Pentagon bill to emplace the fresh American colors that President Joe Biden has ordered to shoot to Europe. 

"I anticipate there will be fresh demand above$ 10 billion,"Coons told journalists, calling it"an original conjecture."

Coons said he believes spending demand will find strong bipartisan support. A spokesperson for the Democratic budget pen didn't incontinently return a request for comment. 

Coons spoke after returning from a long trip to Germany, Poland and Lithuania, where he and other members of Congress bandied the extremity with European leaders. 

Biden is listed to deliver the irruption during his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday. Lawgivers, returning from recess, are also anticipated to concentrate coming week on writing bipartisan legislation that funds civil agencies for the rest of the time. Lawgivers hope to pass the bill by March 11, when plutocrat to temporarily fund the government will run out. 

It was originally unclear whether the Ukrainian plutocrat would be part of a broader budget law, if not how snappily it would move and whether lawgivers would seek to put fresh US warrants on Russia. 

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