To Protect Ukrainian Civilians, Slovakia Sends Bozena 5 Mine System And Medical Equipment


To Protect Ukrainian Civilians, Slovakia Sends Bozena 5 Mine System And Medical Equipment
The Bozena 5 mine-clearing UGV has a range of upgrades including extended operating endurance. (Miroslav Gyurösi)

International Military - In the midst of increasingly heated tensions between Ukraine and Russia. It is rumored that Russia will someday invade Ukraine. This of course makes Ukraine try to ask for help from countries that are ready to support it.

Among the countries requested for assistance, Slovakia became one of the countries that responded to Ukraine's request for assistance. It is reported that Slovakian has offered two Bozena 5 mine systems as well as medical supplies and equipment worth €1.7 million.

Quoted from Defense Express on 17 February 2022, the Slovak Government decided on Wednesday, 16 February 2022. For the first time, the Slovak Ministry of Defense has the Bozena 5 system located in Ukraine. These deliveries will be made in person or through the delivery assistance system established by NATO.

According to Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy, Slovakia will soon take steps to help Ukraine clear the "Great Ukrainian Field" of mines. Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok said that mine vehicles should be considered as a means of defense for civilians in order to be protected from attacks by separatists and opponents.

Slovakia is trying every way to defuse the situation in Ukraine in order to reach an agreement and a peaceful solution. On the other hand, the Bozena 5 mine system is a remote control machine to defuse it by detonating mines. The engine is controlled by a transmission device that provides control at distances of up to 2000 meters. As well as anti-tank mines with payloads of up to 9 kg of trinitrotoluene.

The Bozena 5 mine system performs forced detonation or operator-controlled removal of antipersonnel mines from the armored cab. Armored with metal sheaths are placed directly on the front and back of the chain set.

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