Still Worried About China Invasion, Taiwan Still Criticizes Russia For Invasion Of Ukraine

Still Worried About China Invasion, Taiwan Still Criticizes Russia For Invasion Of Ukraine

International Military - Amid Russia's military intervention into Ukraine, Taiwan said on Thursday that at least nine so-called Chinese military passages crossed into what the self-governing island called its "airspace". The statement by Taiwan's Ministry of Defense revealed that the country's air force is staying away from Chinese jets.

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense revealed that the Air Force plane also issued a radio warning. Not only that, an air defense system was also deployed to unify these activities. "Air Force aircraft issued radio alerts and air defense systems (deployed) to unify the activities," the ministry said.

The Chinese jet entered Taiwan's so-called air exploration zone (ADIZ). The location is in the southwest region of the island, home to more than 24 million people. As is known, at this time there has been a military intervention carried out by Russia in Ukraine.

The event drew widespread international condemnation and shared sanctions from around the world. The intervention followed about 100,000 troops for a month around Ukraine, with Russia repeatedly denying any intention to invade.

Referring to this, Taiwan also criticized Russia's recognition of the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics (LPR, DPR). Reporting from the Eurasia Times, Taiwan urges all parties to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"Our government condemns Russia's violations against Ukraine that have caused a scene on the Russia-Ukraine border,

and all parties to continue to maintain peace from the resolution on this matter to jointly bring about peace and work in the region," the statement read.

Taiwan is also ready to participate in efforts that contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict, the government said. He ordered the military to increase vigilance in the area.

"Our military and national security agencies should step up their efforts to unify and provide early warning of military developments in the Taiwan Strait and beyond", and should continue to strengthen readiness to quickly and effectively respond to any potential developments and ensure our national security. security," the statement read.

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