Navy Struggles With Russian Disinformation Ahead Of Implicit Invasion Of Ukraine

The Virginia-class attack submarine USS California underway during sea trials. (U.S. Navy photo by Chris Oxley)
The Virginia-class attack submarine USS California underway during sea trials. (U.S. Navy photo by Chris Oxley)

International Military - A Russian- language website on Wednesday indicted original residers of having plant a"sonar countermeasure device" washed up on the reinforcement of Urup Island, south of Vladivostok on Russia's west seacoast. 

 Posterior stories suggest that the device had been launched by a Virginia- class submarine after the vessel was allegedly plant in Russian waters on February 12. 


 The composition featured a print of a long, torpedo-suchlike device lying on the sand, incompletely submerged in water. None of that seems right. 

The image-which is part of Russian tackle, not American-appears to have been taken months agone on a different sand thousands of country miles down. And the US Navy insists an alleged altercation between one of its submarines and Russian forces noway passed. 


 It was just one illustration of an raising information war waged by Russian carriers, a tactic designed to muddy the waters and potentially give Russian forces defense for overrunning Ukraine, experts say. 

Hours after the post first appeared online, the story spread to social media posts in English, with some fresh details. Now, the same print is described as having been" released by the Russian Ministry of Defense"and that the submarine fired a device"to cover the aural markings of the submarine to grease passage out of the area."


 The story hinges on Russia's allegations that an American submarine was driven out of its waters over the weekend- commodity the US vehemently denies. 

"To be clear, there was no engagement or commerce between US and Russian forces on Saturday as claimed by Russia,"Captain Kyle Raines, spokesperson for US Indo-Pacific Command, in a statement on Wednesday. 


" Substantiation", in the form of an included image, has a more egregious problem. 

The prints quoted in the Russian and English performances of the story are old and do not really show American outfit. A rear image hunt revealed that the print, along with analogous images from another angle, first appeared on the internet around October 2021. The caption for the Russian submarine countermeasures print depicts it being taken on the seacoast near Severodvinsk in northern Russia. 


 Raines's analysis of the origins of the images and noted that"as (the Ministry of Defense's office) noted this week, this Russian information crusade appears to be part of their guidelines aimed at laying the root for military action."

Mark Cancian, elderly counsel at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, noted that he"would not be surprised if Russia plant a US submarine and played hide-and- seek."


"I believe that there's an element of verity on which they make a story. and maybe it's part of a broader narrative that they're trying to make for action in Ukraine,"he added. 

An earlier statement from Raines noted that he"will not note on the exact position of our submarines, but we fly, sail and operate safely in transnational waters."


 The US service has plodded to fight the deluge of Russia- driven narratives that have spread on the internet over the once many weeks of the disagreement with Ukraine. US officers have constantly advised of Russia's sweats to lay the root for"false flag" attacks that could justify pushing mass colors across the border with Ukraine. 

The situation came so bleak that it was unclear whether the conflict had indeed escalated or cooled off. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry said that numerous of the colors shoveled near the Ukrainian border would leave after the completion of the military exercises. 


 But the US Department of Defense said it"sees no substantiation that Russian colors withdrew from the Ukrainian border region"in a tweet this morning. 

On Wednesday, the head of British intelligence, Lieutenant General Sir Jim Hockenhull, said that there were"sightings of fresh armored vehicles, copters and a field sanitarium moving towards the Ukrainian border."


"Russia has the military mass to carry out an irruption of Ukraine,"Hockenhull added. For Cancian, this buildup is an important environment for considering events similar as the alleged submarine incident. Still, he was quick to note that"Russia has a long history of ( information warfare) that's presumably more complicated than utmost countries-- you go back to the Soviet period and indeed back to the princes."


 Cancian notes that this history can occasionally make it delicate to say whether incidents similar as the one contended in the Pacific were a one- time incident or part of a"one- time incident."

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