NASA Says The Rocket That Is Predicted To Hit The Moon Belongs To China, Not The Tesla Company

NASA Says The Rocket That Is Predicted To Hit The Moon Belongs To China, Not The Tesla Company
Space observers believe the Falcon 9 rocket, seen launching in February 2015, is on course to hit the moon in a matter of weeks. Photograph: Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

International Military - NASA explained that the rocket that was predicted to hit the moon was not the SpaceX that some astronomers had previously predicted. But NASA explained that what is predicted to hit the moon is part of a rocket belonging to Beijing, China.

Quoted from the Guardian page, it was previously predicted that a rocket would hit the lunar surface on March 4, 2022. So this has finally become a hot conversation in various countries and of course made headlines. Which was previously known, the rocket that will hit the moon is a rocket from Elon Musk's company.

The rocket, named SpaceX, was launched in February 2015. But finally a surprising announcement stated that the rocket did not belong to Elon Musk's company

Quoted from the Washington Post page, one of the independent researchers in orbital dynamics, Bill Gray also revealed the prediction of a rocket that will hit the moon.

Previously, he predicted that the rocket that would hit the moon in March 2022 was SpaceX. In which he explained that the SpaceX Falcon 9 had been launched since 2015 and was predicted to crash into the moon.

But he finally re-evaluated this conclusion after getting information from one of NASA's engineers. "My main interest is knowing that there's trash out there, so I have to admit I didn't dig as deep as I could," he said.

Until finally he clarified the statement and explained that SpaceX was in a safe condition. "The object had the brightness we expected, and it appeared at the expected time and moved in a reasonable orbit," he said.

After the tracking he revealed that the rocket was a Long March 3C rocket owned by China. It is known that on October 23, 2014, the Long March 3C rocket launched their spacecraft.

Regarding this, Gray revealed that he felt sorry for the mistake, but still has an interest in everything that happened. "I'm upset that I didn't get it right, but I'm still very interested in how this all came to be," he said.

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