High-tech And Deadly, French Media Highlight New F-35C Fighter Jet Armament


High-tech And Deadly, French Media Highlight New F-35C Fighter Jet Armament
An F-35C Lightning II, assigned to the “Argonauts” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147, prepares to land on the flight deck of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) June 17, 2021. US Navy Photo

International Military - The F-35 C fighter is one of the most well-known aircraft in the world. This is because the F-35 C fighter has a variety of sophistication, one of the sophistication of the F-35 C fighter jet is the weapon bay system on the fuselage.

With the weapon bay, various types of F-35 C fighter jet weapons can be stored neatly. Starting from air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-surface weapons, the F-35 C fighter jet can be stored as a mainstay.

However, from all the advantages and sophistication of the F-35 C fighter jet, it turns out that the major French media are focusing on deadly weapons. And the lethal weapon of this F-35 C fighter jet is not an air or ground attack weapon, but a surface attack weapon.

Quoted from avionslegendaires.net, the F-35C fighter jet is being integrated with the AGM-158C LRASM. LRSAM stands for Long Range Anti Ship Missile made by DARPA and Lockheed Martin. Later the AGM-158C LRASM will replace the aging AGM-84D Harpoon.

It is suspected that the AGM-158C LRASM has stealth technology and can sea skimming which will be very difficult to track. The distance and some of the technological features of the AGM-158C LRASM are still very secret from the United States. Because the advanced technology of the AGM-158C LRASM is very sophisticated and is the latest in its class.

Reporting from popularmechanics.com, if one of the main factors the F-35 C is expensive is the technology factor. It should be noted that the F-35 C is indeed a fighter jet specifically designed for aircraft carriers using the CATOBAR system. With the CATOBAR system, the landing system of the F-35 C is also adjusted using a hook strap.

Meanwhile, until now only the US has the F-35 C, which means the selling price of this fighter jet is still expensive in its class. Not to mention there is a special coating material also found in the F-35 C which allows the fighter jet to last a long time on the carrier deck. In the internal sensor section, the F-35 C is equipped with advanced technology which is of course very expensive in its class and is only devoted to the US.

Therefore, it is only natural that the price per unit of the F-35 C is priced at a very expensive price in its class of around USD 107 million.

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