Greece panics, Qatar deploys Rafale fighter jets to Turkey


Greece panics, Qatar deploys Rafale fighter jets to Turkey

Turkey is currently having trouble updating weapons for its air force. This right is because Turkey has been excluded from the United States (US) F-35 fighter jet development program. In addition, Turkey's plan to acquire a new variant of the F-16 fighter jet was also opposed by members of the US Congress.

In the midst of the difficulties of Turkey, its country's big rival, Greece actually bought French-made Rafale fighter jets. They sell Rafale fighter jets to Greece to bolster the country's air defenses. Apart from the Rafale, there are reports that the US is also planning to sell F-35 fighter jets to Greece.

But on the other hand the Greek media are also restless because of the military agreement between Turkey and Qatar. According to Defense Security Asia, Qatar will deploy 12 Rafale fighter jets and 9 Mirage 2000 fighter jets in Turkey for five years.

The deployment of the fighter jets was used for training purposes between the two countries. Under the agreement, the Qatari Air Force will also deploy 4 C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft in Turkey.

Apart from weapons, 250 members of Qatar's military forces will also be deployed to Turkey. The Turkish side has approved a military unit called the "Agile Force Team" in Qatar next year when the country hosts the soccer World Cup. The military agreement between Turkey and Qatar was signed by the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the two countries, General Yasar Guler and Al-Ghanim.

But the agreement apparently received a negative reaction from the Greek media. The Greek media did not like it and asked their country to do an analysis of the military agreement and its impact on the country. The main attention of the Greek media is on the deployment of Rafale fighter jets to Turkey which is seen as eroding their profits.

Greece is concerned that the Turkish Air Force will use the Rafale to find out the weakness of the French-made fighter jet. This will make Turkey's F-16 fighter jets ready to take on the Greek Air Force's Rafale. Turkey and Greece have always been longtime enemies as both have deep disputes over borders in the waters east of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to the Rafale deployment permit, Turkey's F-16 fighter jets will also conduct joint exercises with Pakistan's Rafales and JF-17s in the Joint Anatolian Eagle exercise.

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