Close to Russia-Ukraine Invasion, NATO Sends Aid to Ukraine


Close to Russia-Ukraine Invasion, NATO Sends Aid to Ukraine

International Military - Tensions due to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine are still 'boiling' to the point of going to the brink of war. To deal with Russia's continuing military build-up, NATO countries have sent thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

This is certainly aimed at strengthening Ukraine in the face of a massive buildup of Russian troops on its borders. According to the Ukrainian government, Western partners have provided Kyiv with USD 1.5 billion in military assistance. According to a report from, the following are some of the countries that have contributed to helping Ukraine.

1. Javelin and NLAW: Anti-tank missiles from the US and UK

Some of the planes that Resnikov greeted were carrying Javelin and NLAW missiles to Kyiv. As part of the military exercise "Blizzard 2022" which has just begun, many Ukrainian soldiers may be carrying this newly delivered anti-tank weapon for the first time. Once launched, the "fire and forget" system requires no further guidance. Its small size and light weight make this weapon very versatile.

Since 2019, the US has provided Ukraine with the Javelin launcher and missile systems. Hundreds of missiles have likely been delivered to Ukraine since the fall of 2021. The US government has also given permission to the Baltic states to transfer Javelin missiles from their inventories to Ukraine.

The Javelin is considered the most advanced anti-tank weapon in the world, being able to strike targets such as armored vehicles or bunkers from a distance of more than 2,000 meters. The Javelin can also destroy heavy tanks with a "top strike" on its roof, where armor protection is least. This also applies to similarly functioning NLAW missiles from British stockpiles. London recently provided Ukraine with around 2,000 NLAW missiles.

"They are very easy to integrate into the arsenal of our army and soldiers can learn how to fire them very quickly," said Bielieskov, representative of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kyiv, an institute that advises the Ukrainian president on security issues.

2. Stinger and GROM: ​​anti-aircraft missiles from USA, Poland

The US-made Stinger missiles will be delivered to Ukraine from Lithuania in the coming days. In addition, Poland is supplying Kyiv with the GROM, a similar heat-guided weapon that can strike aircraft from a distance of up to three kilometers. Since the Ukrainian army already has similar weapons in its arsenal, the training requirements for the GROM and Stinger should be low. These two anti-aircraft missiles are very useful because they render Russian air strikes ineffective.

3. Bayraktar: Drone from Turkey

Ukraine has purchased at least 20 Bayraktar TB2 drones from NATO country Turkey in recent years. The drone can be equipped with Ukrainian-made engines. Ukraine has also obtained a license to manufacture Bayraktar drones. The Turkish Bayraktar can be used for reconnaissance and can be equipped with bombs and laser-guided missiles.

In late October, the Ukrainian Bayraktar Army destroyed artillery of pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. Drones like Bayraktar 'spoil' military forces and inflict heavy losses on opponents. During the 2020 war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Soviet-era air defense systems proved ineffective against modern drones like the Bayraktar.

The Bayraktar drones will also be used in the "Blizzard 2022" military exercise starting on Thursday, according to Ukraine's Ministry of Defense.

4. Ammunition: Poland, Czech Republic and more

Apart from missiles, protective equipment such as helmets and vests, the crates currently landing at Kyiv airport on transport planes contain mostly ammunition. The munitions came from various countries including the Czech Republic and Poland, countries that also feel threatened by Russia and have been transferring weapons to Ukraine for years.

In addition to the countries mentioned so far, NATO countries Canada and France have also been supplying weapons to Ukraine since 2014. In recent weeks, shipments from Britain and the United States in particular have increased sharply. According to Defense Minister Resnikov, 1,300 tonnes of weapons have been delivered to Ukraine from the US alone.

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