Claims The Best Maneuverable Aircraft In The World, Russia Shows Off The Sukhoi Su-30SM2 Upgraded From The Su-30


Claims The Best Maneuverable Aircraft In The World, Russia Shows Off The Sukhoi Su-30SM2 Upgraded From The Su-30
A Naval Aviation Su-30SM, with full anti-ship capability.

International Military - The Russian military is rumored to be getting dozens of additional Su-30SM2 fighters that have just been produced. The Russian Su-30SM aircraft is an old aircraft and must be upgraded to a new one, namely the Su-30SM2. There are many modifications that need to be made on the Su-30 aircraft so that it can be upgraded to the Su-30SM2 variant because it can add an air intake space.

This is because the Su-30 aircraft requires an additional 20 percent airflow to accommodate the increased thrust of the new engine. In addition to the nosecone of the Su-30 aircraft, it also needs to be enlarged to accommodate the larger and more capable radar used by the Su-30SM2 variant compared to the Bars N011M radar used by the Su-30 aircraft.

Russia claims the Su-30SM2 has the most super maneuverability in the world. Where in the main improvement of the Russian Su-30SM2 aircraft is the integration of the AL-41 engine.

The AL-41F1 engine is the same engine used by the Su-35 and Russia's fifth-generation aircraft, the Su-57. According to aerospace portal, the Sukhoi Su-30SM2 fighter aircraft is equipped with the AL-41F1 engine which is more powerful than the previous engine. Where the Su-30 MKM aircraft belonging to the RMAF which was acquired from Russia about 20 years ago still uses the AL-31 engine.

The AL-41's engine has 16 percent more thrust than the older AL-31. In addition to providing a 16 percent more powerful thrust, the AL-41F1 engine used by the Su-30SM2 aircraft comes with a swivel nozzle capability that allows it to be more agile in action on the battlefield.

The AL-41 engine allows the Su-30SM2 fighter to take off easily with a larger gun payload, better maneuverability, and longer flight.

Sukhoi claims, with the ability of a more powerful engine makes the aircraft easier to defeat the enemy in action in the air and avoid missiles launched by enemy air defense systems.

The Su-30SM2 also integrates a new radar although reports have conflicted whether it is the Su-35 Irbis-E or the N011M Bars-R but both provide the capability to use the Kh-59 standoff missile and a variety of new guided bombs.

If the superior Irbis-E is not installed on the Russian Su-30SM2 to cut costs, similar upgrade packages marketed for export are reportedly widely offered to upgrade foreign clients' Su-30s alongside the AL-41.

Besides being predicted to use the Irbis-E or N011M Bars-R Radar, the Su-30SM2 is also rumored to use the AESA Radar. Defense Security Asia quoted Defense Security Asia as saying that Russia offers an AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar which is capable of detecting more targets at long ranges.

The AESA radar is also highly resistant to retaliation to customers interested in upgrading the Su-30 aircraft to the Su-30SM2 variant. The AESA radar is the same radar used by the Russian Su-57 aircraft, allowing it to launch more weapons and long-range missiles.

If it is true that the Su-30SM2 variant uses an AESA radar and a more capable engine, then this aircraft will clearly be able to handle every challenge and threat in the years to come.

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