Chinese PLA Air Force Units Conduct Massive Exercise, J-10, J-16, to JH-7 Fighter Jets Deploy


Chinese PLA Air Force Units Conduct Massive Exercise, J-10, J-16, to JH-7 Fighter Jets Deploy

F-35 Fighter Jet (Top) and J-31 Fighter Jet.

International Military - The Chinese PLA Air Force Unit's Military Soldiers reportedly carried out simultaneous drills. This exercise is claimed to be an unusual maneuver. China's state-owned Global Times is now reporting that all five commandos are conducting drills to demonstrate combat readiness.

According to the Eurasian Times, the regiment affiliated with the PLA's Eastern Theater Command Air Force conducted a flight practice on February 10. This is done by sending aircraft including the KJ-2000 airborne early warning and control system.

On February 9-10, J-10 fighter jets belonging to a brigade affiliated with the PLA Southern Theater Command Air Force conducted an exercise aimed at honing the pilots' air-to-air combat skills.

On February 7, the PLA's Western Theater Command Air Force arranged for a ground-based anti-aircraft missile unit to conduct combat-oriented exercises in cold and oxygen-starved conditions. This unit is also tasked with conducting air combat simulations with fighter aircraft including the J-16 fighter jet.

A JH-7 fighter-bomber undergoes maintenance and performs a flight maneuver at a brigade associated with the PLA's Northern Theater Command Air Force on Feb. 9. On the same day, a ground-based anti-aircraft missile battalion and a radar brigade linked to the PLA Central Theater Command conducted an exercise to check their combat readiness.

In addition, the airborne troops carried out cold resistance training for paratroopers on February 7 and test flights for Z-10 attack helicopters and Z-8 transport helicopters on February 10, the report said.

Allegedly, the Chinese Exercise took place in response to the Noble Fusion 2022 drills conducted by the US and Japan between February 3 and 7. The exercise, led by the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, involved about 15,000 US sailors and marines, as well as 1,000 members of the Japan Self-Defense Force. China views these movements in the region as highly provocative.

Even so, China is indeed ambitious to strengthen its military. More recently, its new military equipment will even undergo rigorous, scientific, and combat-oriented testing not only before being commissioned, but during their service as well. This move is in line with Beijing's ambition to achieve modernization of national defense and armed forces by 2035 in the future.

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