Amid Russia-Ukraine Invasion, US Prepares Thousands of Additional Troops to Support NATO


Amid Russia-Ukraine Invasion, US Prepares Thousands of Additional Troops to Support NATO
The Pentagon says US troops are on standby to deploy to Europe, should Russia invade Ukraine (file picture)

International Military - The US is preparing thousands of colors that could be called in to support NATO after the alliance on Friday actuated rapid-fire response forces following Russia's irruption of Ukraine, the Pentagon said. 

The activation by President Joe Biden and member state leaders marked the first use of the NATO Response Force to guard the alliance's home, which doesn't include Ukraine. But it remains unclear how numerous American service members will be suitable to share as the alliance is still importing its requirements. 

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said colors would be transferred to the eastern hand of the alliance, which borders Ukraine and the ongoing war was sparked by the Russian irruption, according to The Associated Press. 

Some of the colors Biden said Thursday would emplace to Germany could also be part of the NATO force, although the US and NATO members have made clear they would not be transferred to fight Russia in Ukraine. The US has stationed about colors and outfit similar as F-35 Lightning II fighter spurts and Apache attack copters to Germany, Poland, Romania and the Baltic countries. 

"We'll give fresh security backing to Ukraine-we will," said Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby."How it'll be done is still being worked out."

The Pentagon said further than colors had been put on alert for deployment since January, but couldn't give exact numbers on Friday about those who remained on alert or had been stationed. 

General Tod Wolters, head of US European Command who also serves as the Supreme Commander of NATO's European Abettors, said Friday's activation of the alliance was a" major moment."The NATO Response Force is described by the association as a" largely set and technologically advanced" group of colors from member countries. 

Biden said Thursday that the-strong deployment would include the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, from Fort Stewart, Georgia. 

The NATO activation comes as Russia pushes further into Ukraine and continues to hang the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, after launching its irruption on Wednesday. Progress appears to be decelerating, with Russian colors facing further resistance from Ukrainian forces than anticipated. 

"It looks like they are trying to get to the capital as snappily as possible to encircle Kyiv,"Michael Kofman, elderly exploration adjunct at the Center for a New American Security, said at a Friday briefing."It looks like they also tried a major pincer movement to try to bypass and encircle utmost of the Ukrainian service in the east and south of the country."

Before Friday, the Ukrainian service still had command and control capabilities and carried out air strikes against Russian colors, according to a elderly defense functionary who briefed the press on the situation on condition of obscurity. There was heavy fighting in the capital as well as at the hydroelectric levee, and Russia made amphibious levees in the east of the country along the Ocean of Azov. 

German soldiers are going to load tank howitzers for transport to Lithuania at the Bundeswehr army base in Munster, northern Germany, Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

"I suppose they (Russia) are trying commodity that will give them veritably mixed results,"Kofman said, advising that it was still veritably beforehand in the irruption."I suppose the effects they are trying to do are not inescapably working well at the moment, but they are likely going to acclimate."

Russia had stationed only about a third of the further than colors it had stationed around the Ukrainian border in the buildup before the irruption, the defense functionary said. 

The fighting has sparked a deluge of deportees fleeing Ukraine across the borders of neighboring countries. Several hundred Americans had crossed from Ukraine into Poland between Thursday and Friday. The Army's 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has been formed in Poland to train with its colors and prepare to help Americans trying to escape. 

Prior to striking, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that Ukraine, a former Soviet democracy along its western border, noway be allowed to join the 30- member NATO alliance, which has expanded dramatically over the once many decades. 

Putin sculpted out and adjoined Ukraine's Crimean promontory in 2014 following a achievement that stumbled the chairman and a government confederated with Moscow, and has since sparked a times-long rebel conflict between the newpro-western government in Kyiv and Russia's largely ethnical Donbas region.. in the eastern part of the country. 

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