Ahead of Trucker Protests, Washington Asks Department of Defense to Send National Guard


Ahead of Trucker Protests, Washington Asks Department of Defense to Send National Guard

Internationa Military - The Department of Defense is considering cranking National Guard units to respond to possible demurrers by a truck convoy in the nation's capital this weekend, according to a statement released Tuesday.  

"The department is assaying requests for backing from the US Capitol Police and the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency,"Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said in an posted statement. 

"The agencies have asked National Guard help to give support at business control points in and around the District to help the USCP and DC governments address implicit challenges stemming from possible dislocations in major business highways,"Kirby added, before notes that"no decision has been made to authorize this request."

The demurrers in the US came after a weeks-long leaguer of Canada by a truck motorist's"Freedom Convoy"who defied the country's COVID-19 accreditation and programs, dismembering business in the nation's capital, Ottawa. Although the demurrers were presumably organized around opposing a vaccine accreditation that requires all Canadian truck motorists crossing theU.S.-Canada border to be completely vaccinated or face a two-week counterblockade, a statement issued by a group that claims to speak for the movement said it was seeking"an end."of all vaccine authorizations."

After patron data from crowdfunding point GiveSendGo was addressed and released, several media outlets reported that the movement was substantially funded by benefactors in the United States. The Intercept reports that its analysis shows that"hundreds of benefactors are members of Oath Keeper, an American far-right civil association"and that Thomas Siebel, an American billionaire entrepreneur, made$-- the largest individual donation. 

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that analysis ofU.S. postal canons of the data set shows that"the richer the American community, the more likely residers there are to contribute, and the largest benefactions frequently come from communities where Republicans have a solid maturity."."

On Friday, theU.S. Capitol Police said that they, along with other law enforcement groups in the DC area, were" apprehensive of the plans for a convoy of exchanges arriving in Washington, DC around the time of State of the Union."

President Joe Biden's first State of the Union is listed for Tuesday, March 1. Kirby's statement verified that backing from the National Guard had been requested, but made clear that his participation hadn't been guaranteed. 

Capitol Police said that"in- border temporary fencing"could also be part of its security plan but stressed that"no decision has been made at this time."

"Like any demonstration, the USCP will grease legal First Amendment conditioning,"Capitol Police said in a press release. 

The last major deployment of National Guard colors to the nation's capital and, more specifically, to the US Capitol erecting itself, came in the days following January 6, 2021, when crowds of rioters broke through police lines and caused millions of bones in losses. damage to milestones. The mob's thing was to stop certifying the election results that declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election. 

Guards were ultimately posted in the megacity, in some capacity, for about four months. Unlike countries, where governors can snappily emplace the National Guard,D.C. have no tagged officers with similar authority. Rather, it has traditionally fallen to the clerk of the Army to authorize requests. Still, following the events of January 6, the Pentagon has streamlined that process and delegated the power to emplace the National Guard only to the clerk of defense. 

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