US Government Says No Concession in Responding to Russia in Ukraine


US Government Says No Concession in Responding to Russia in Ukraine

The US made no concessions to Russia's crucial demands over Ukraine and NATO in the long- awaited spoken response delivered to Russia on Wednesday in Moscow, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken said. 


Blinken said the US response, presented to the Russian Foreign Ministry by US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan, didn't give in to" core principles" similar as NATO's open- door class policy and the alliance's military presence in Eastern Europe. 

Russia has advised it'll take immediate"retaliatory measures"if the US and its abettors reject its demands. Blinken said he hoped to speak again with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the coming days to get Russia's response. Still, he said that whether Russia accepts it's entirely over to President Vladimir Putin."That is up to President Putin,"he said."We will see how they respond."


The US offer, echoed in a separate document transferred to Russia by NATO, includes implicit accommodations for obnoxious bullet deployments and military exercises in Eastern Europe as well as a broad arms control convention during which Russia withdraws its roughly colors from Ukraine. border. 

Moscow has demanded assurances that NATO will noway fete Ukraine and otherex-Soviet countries as members and that the alliance will stop planting colors in former Soviet bloc countries. Some of these, similar as pledges of class, aren't a launch for the US and its abettors, creating a putatively intractable stalemate that numerous fear could only end in war. 


The Kremlin has constantly denied having any plans to attack Ukraine, but the US and NATO are concerned about Russia gathering colors near Ukraine and carrying out a series of military pushes. 

As part of the exercises, army and motorized ordnance units in southwestern Russia practice firing live security, warplanes in Kaliningrad in the Baltic Sea carry out bombings, dozens of warships set passage for exercises in the Black and Arctic Swell, and Russian fighter spurts and paratroopers arrived in Belarus for common war games. 


Speaking to Russian lawgivers, Lavrov said he and other top officers would inform Putin of the coming way after entering USanswers.However, Moscow will take the necessary retaliatory measures,"Lavrov said,"If the West continues its aggressive conduct. 

But he indicated Russia would not stay ever."We'll not allow our offer to sink into endless conversations,"he said. Isachenkov reports from Moscow. Yuras Karmanau in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Kirsten Grieshaber in Berlin contributed. 

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