North Korea Missile Tests, US Ambassador Values Will Endanger Peace and Security

North Korea Missile Tests, US Ambassador Values Will Endanger Peace and Security

United States - North Korea kicked off 2022 with a series of missile tests. The missile launch was assessed by the United States (US) as endangering the peace and security of the East Asian region.

Analysts outside North Korea are tempted to read the missile test as a call for attention or a signal. Most of the evidence suggests North Korea is testing its national defenses because military capability is important.

At the national defense exhibition held last October, featured two large photos. One photo shows Kim Jong Un with Pak Jong Chon, a senior military official involved with missile tests in 2021.

Another photo shows Kim Jong Un flanked by Jang Chang Ha, Jon Il Ho, and Kim Jong Sik, three North Korean officials renowned for guiding research, development and testing of new missiles.

When Kim conveyed North Korea's internal economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kim confirmed that the development of the new missile had shown positive developments for domestic reasons.

Kim's prominent leadership theme is the emphasis on economic development alongside a strong national defense. 2022 is seen as a year of high potential for testing renewed North Korean missiles.

Kim's attendance at a missile test for the first time since March 2020 demonstrates a high level of concern for this issue. Meanwhile, the United States is trying to respond and inform that North Korea's actions are unacceptable.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said North Korea's actions endangered peace and security in the region. Thomas-Greenfield also assessed that countries in the region are very insecure about the tests that North Korea has carried out.

The top US diplomat to the United Nations previously said his country would push the UN Security Council to add sanctions against North Korea for its latest missile launch. However, the US-proposed sanctions were blocked by China using its veto power.

Thomas-Greenfield also said the US would work with China in necessary areas. “We see China as a competitor and an enemy. We know that there are areas where we can work with China,” said Thomas-Greenfield at a webinar hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

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