Dozens Of ISIS Militants Still Hiding In Last Section Of Syrian Prison

Dozens Of ISIS Militants Still Hiding In Last Section Of Syrian Prison
Kurdish security forces deploy in Syria's northern city of Hasakeh on January 22, 2022, amid ongoing fighting for a third day with the Islamic State group


BEIRUT-Dozens of Islamic State zealots still remain drilled up in the last sections of enthralled Syria's incarcerations, the US- backed Kurdish- led force said Thursday. The two sides disaccorded a day after the Syrian Popular Forces blazoned that they had recaptured full control of the installation. 


Fighting between fortified crazies and SDF forces killed at least two mutineers, the SDF said in a statement. It said between 60 and 90 mutineers were hiding in the northern part of the captivity in the northeastern megacity of Hassakeh. 

The SDF claimed on Wednesday that it had recaptured full control of the captivity-a week after scores of mutineers stormed the installation. The bushwhackers allowed several to escape, taking hostages and colliding with SDF fighters in violence that left dozens dead. 


The week-long raid on one of Syria's largest detention installations turned Hassakeh into a conflict zone. The Kurdish- led government declared a curfew and closed the megacity, banning movement in and out. 

Thousands of people have fled the violence that began with a enterprising attack on incarcerations last Thursday. There were fests last night in city, including fireworks, after the news that the captivity had been reacquired. 


It was the biggest military operation by ISIS since the fall of the group's"caliphate"in 2019 and comes as the zealots have launched a number of deadly attacks in Syria and Iraq that have sparked fears that they might launch another attack. 

The SDF says some convicts have surrendered since its operation to regain the north sect of the captivity began three days agone. 


Zealots have used child captures as mortal securities to decelerate the trouble. There are further than 600 juvenile detainees in the installation that houses further than convicts. Kurdish officers haven't given specific numbers for the installation's population. 

Kurdish officers said a large number of the children were released Wednesday but their fate remains unclear. Rights groups and at least one child detainee from inside the captivity said numerous children were killed and injured in the clashes. 


In weeks of fighting, dozens of fighters from both sides have been killed, the US- led coalition has carried out nearly a dozen air strikes and thousands of civilians living hard have been displaced. 

A coalition functionary said Thursday that captivity convicts known as Gweiran or al-Sinaa are being secured at a" new toughened installation" hard where biometrics will be used by the SDF to register them. The functionary, who spoke on condition of obscurity in agreement with regulations, said the coalition was continuing to advise and help the SDF in the operation. Zealots also targeted new installations in their original attack but failed. 


The Britain- grounded Syrian Overlook for Human Rights puts the death risk from the struggle at further than 200, including further than 150 zealots and further than 50 fighters from Kurdish- led forces. At least seven civilians failed in the fighting, the Overlook said. The SDF said original information put the troop death risk at 35. 

The SDF, backed by the US- led coalition of Bradley Fighting Vehicles and air support, has been closing in on the captivity sect still controlled by the zealots for several days. Fighters from the SDF and other security brigades used loudspeakers to call on the zealots to surrender. 


Kurdish officers said about 200 mutineers attacked the captivity with auto losers and self-murder belts while cranking slumberer cells hiding in domestic areas girding the captivity. In one videotape released by ISIS, the zealots rammed a vehicle into a captivity wall. At one point, a auto lemon was exploded in an canvas storehouse near the captivity, setting off a fire that lasted several days. 

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