Specifications Of The New Russian T-90M, The Main Battle Tank Used To Attack Ukraine

Specifications Of The New Russian T-90M, The Main Battle Tank Used To Attack Ukraine
Specifications Of The New Russian T-90M, The Main Battle Tank Used To Attack Ukraine

International Military - The T-90M tank is a modernized version of the Russian T-90 main battle tank (MBT) made by Uralvagonzavod. This tank, known as the Proryv-3 (Breakthrough-3), offers firepower and protection that is superior to its predecessor.

The T-90M tank was first demonstrated during the Russian Expo Arms in Nizhny Tagil in September 2011. It was first publicly disclosed and tested by the Russian Army in 2017.

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The T-90M tank, which has a crew of 3, has a number of features that have been extensively upgraded so as to provide qualified combat capabilities in various war scenarios. The 48 tonne tank features enhanced automotive components, suspension, protection, firepower and mobility.

Quoted from army-technology, Saturday (24/12/2022), the T-90M tank's main armament is a 125mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore cannon with high accuracy. The cannon can fire various types of ammunition using a carousel-type autoloader with a capacity of 40 rounds of 125mm ammunition.

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The T-90M tank is also armed with a remotely controlled 7.62mm 6P7K anti-aircraft machine gun. The machine gun contains 2,000 rounds and 800 cartridges is mounted above the turret to engage stationary and moving targets. On each side of the turret is equipped with six smoke grenade launchers to provide protection in the form of camouflage. Modular reactive explosion protection (ERA) panels are mounted on the rear and side projections.

The T-90M tank, which costs around USD 4.5 million (Rp. 70 billion), is equipped with ERA panels to protect against small arms and shell splinters. The forward hull and turret are equipped with RELIKT ERA for protection against anti-tank missiles.

The T-90 M tank also has the PKUZ-1A NBC collective protection system against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons threats. The tank is also equipped with an opto-electronic screening system, electromagnetic protection system and fast action combat equipment. The rear hull and turret are equipped with slat armor to protect the engine and ammunition compartment from grenade and rocket attacks.

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Anti-fragmentation panels made of aramid fabric protect the crew from secondary flux of tank fragments. For observation, the commander's sight is panoramic, equipped with a television and a thermal channel and a laser range finder. The sighting channel can identify targets at a maximum range of 5,000 meters. “The minimum estimate for target identification via the thermal channel is 3,500 meters. The laser range finder can identify targets at a maximum range of 7,500 meters,” writes Army-Technology.

The T-90M tank's fire control system uses the Kalina system which incorporates a multi-channel main gunner sight, consisting of sight and thermal channels, a laser range finder and a built-in laser control channel. The tank can identify targets at a minimum distance of 2,000 meters during the day and 1,000 meters at dusk.

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The T-90M tank is powered by a 12-cylinder V-92S2F diesel engine developing a maximum power output of 1,130hp. The tank can travel at a speed of 60 km/h and a range of 550 km. The engine is coupled to an automatic transmission with seven forward and one reverse gears.

The T-90M tank features a torsion bar suspension that integrates six vane-type hydraulic shock absorbers, as well as six road wheels and three track support rollers per side. This capability allows the tank to drive in a water depth of 1.8 meters, while its maximum crossing depth with USCE is 5 meters.

The T-90M tank is not without its weaknesses. The first documented combat loss, the T-90M tank was reportedly disabled by a Swedish Carl Gustaf 84 mm anti-tank recoilless gun. This indicates that even the newest Russian main battle tanks are vulnerable to modern anti-tank weapons.

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