15 European Countries Agree To Build A Joint Air And Missile Defense System

15 European Countries Agree To Build A Joint Air And Missile Defense System
15 European Countries Agree To Build A Joint Air And Missile Defense System

International Military - As many as 15 European countries, consisting of 14 NATO countries and Finland, have agreed to build a joint air and missile defense system known as the European Sky Shield Initiative. This joint sky shield system will protect all European countries that are members of the group from enemy missile attacks.

Each country that is a member is obliged to adjust the defense equipment purchase program, especially missiles and air defense systems so that they are compatible and mutually reinforcing. The German-led European Sky Shield Initiative was launched at a meeting of the defense ministers of 14 NATO countries and Finland in Belgium. The meeting ended with the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop the shield system.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoan said, "This joint commitment is very important as all countries are currently witnessing Russia's ruthless and indiscriminate missile attack on Ukraine. The missiles, said Geoan, killed civilians and destroyed important infrastructure. "In this context, I very much welcome Germany's leadership in launching the European Sky Shield Initiative," he said.

The new asset is fully operational and integrated with NATO air and missile defense systems. Under the program, European countries will also jointly purchase air and missile defense equipment to form a joint air and missile defense system.

These countries will focus on procuring air defense systems that provide very short, short, medium and long range defenses, as well as missile and anti-drone defense systems for the short and medium term.

Signatory countries such as the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and the Netherlands will use ready-to-operate solutions to develop these defense systems.

According to NATO, the multifaceted approach offers a flexible and scalable way for countries to strengthen their deterrence and defense in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Welcoming the initiative, Lithuanian Minister of National Defense Arvydas AnuĊĦauskas said, being part of this initiative allows the Lithuanian Armed Forces to plan joint procurement with the German Armed Forces.

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