Russian Military Reported is Preparing for a Massive Missile Attack from Belarus

Russian Military Reported is Preparing for a Massive Missile Attack from Belarus
Russia reportedly seen preparing for a massive missile strike from Belarus

Kiev - An independent military intelligence group says Russia is gathering anti-aircraft missile systems in Belarus in preparation for what it says is a large-scale attack on Ukraine.

Belarusian Hajun said in a Telegram post on Monday that analysis of satellite imagery showed a weapons buildup at Ziabrovka airfield in Belarus about 25 miles from the border with Ukraine. The report by the Belarusian monitor of military activity comes amid speculation over Belarus' support for Russia's war effort in Ukraine.

"The analysis of the situation at the airfield proves that the possibility of a rocket attack on Ukrainian territory not only remains, but it seems that Russia is preparing a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine in the coming weeks," Belarusian Hajun said in his post as quoted by Newsweek, Tuesday (16/16). /8/2022).

The group also pointed out how not a single rocket has been fired from Belarus into Ukraine since the last major offensive on July 28. Using satellite images from US space technology company Maxar Technologies Inc.,

Belarusian Hajun said in his post that Ziabrovka airfield contains 10 to 14 S-400 Triumph and two Pantsir air defense systems, as well as three KASTA-2E2 and 48Y6 Podlyot radars. In addition, it is said that the airfield is used to store at least 15 to 60 missiles for the Triumph defense system, with more expected to be delivered by the Russian Air Force.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko remains a staunch ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin despite international condemnation of the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine in February. Sharing borders with Russia and Ukraine, Lukashenko has allowed Russian troops to pass through the country, giving them a more direct route to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

After Russian forces failed to capture Kiev early in the war, the Pentagon said in April that the Kremlin was using Belarus to deploy troops. Belarusian Hajun last week reported that there had been at least eight explosions near Ziabrovka airfield based on eyewitness reports.

Belarusian officials linked the explosion to a vehicle that caught fire after its engine was replaced and said there were no casualties. But the monitoring group posted a video showing what it described as a "big flash" near the airfield, saying it was inconsistent with an "engine fire."

Belarusian Hajun said in his post Monday that satellite images showed that a T-72 tank was destroyed in last week's explosion and there were casualties in the attack. The group did not explain the cause of the explosion.

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