Specifications of Kronshtadt Orion (Inokhodets), Russian Combat Drone with Terrible Capabilities

Specifications of Kronshtadt Orion (Inokhodets), Russian Combat Drone with Terrible Capabilities
The Russian Kronshtadt Orion (Inokhodets) Drones

Moscow - Russia is certainly not inferior to other countries in terms of the development of advanced equipment, including in the military field. Recorded a variety of advanced combat equipment with amazing abilities it has. One of the highlights is a combat drone called Inokhodets.

The Inokhodets or commonly known as the Kronshtadt Orion is an unmanned aircraft armed with guided missiles. The advanced drone was developed by the Kronshtadt Group and began conducting its maiden trials in 2016.

In its development, there are several variants of this drone that are intended for domestic purposes and exports to other countries. The export variant of the Orion drone is called the Orion-E while for the Russian Army it is called the Inokhodets.

Based on its history, this Russian combat drone was once used on a mission in Syria during the war. In addition, in the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Inochodets also took part in the battle.

According to a video published on the Youtube account of the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 16, 2022, Inokhodets has managed to destroy several military facilities owned by Ukraine.

Quoted from the Defense World website, this drone is capable of long-range flights at medium altitudes and can carry up to four guided missiles.

Its cruising speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour and its maximum altitude is 7.5 kilometers. Inochodets can survive in the air for up to 24 hours and can carry a maximum weight of up to 200 kilohgrams.

The weapon system itself is equipped with adjustable KAB-20 and KAB-50 air bombs. Inokhodets are equipped with rear mounted radar. The drone also has electro-optics, a laser target finder, and an infrared camera.

With all these tools, Inokhodets is able to destroy targets on the ground using guided missiles. Here are the complete specifications of the Russian Kronshtadt Orion or Inokhodets drone:

  • Design : Kronshtadt Group
  • Country: Russia
  • Type: UAV
  • Engine : Rotax - 914
  • Length: 8 meters
  • Height: 3.2 meters
  • Wingspan : 16.30 meters
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight : 1,000 kilograms
  • Loading Weight: 200 kilograms
  • Speed: 120-200 kilometers per hour
  • Durability: 24 hours (In a 60 kilogram load)

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